Beer Culture is our hallmark. It guides us in our brewing know-how and has accompanied us since 1906

“Named the “most loved lager” brand by Spanish consumers, at Estrella Galicia we care about the beer from conception until the moment it touches the glass – and have done so for over 110 years!. From using the highest-quality ingredients, to the crucial brewing to bottling time to the perfect pour – we work with distributors and on trade customers to share our process, knowledge and values.

For us, the perfect way to pour our bottled beer is the one that happens in two parts. First, fill 3/4 of the glass, slowly, without rushing and producing as little foam as possible. Then, top it off with a nice foam.


whenever possible, the first step to ensure that nothing goes wrong is to create a very light film of water in the glass


45º, essential for the beer to slide smoothly down the inside wall of the glass. Slowly now, there’s no hurry.


place the glass vertically at the right moment to finish the first part of our serving ritual successfully.


the second half of our ritual begins, top it off with that characteristic layer of foam that crowns the beer


the perfect ending to enjoy your Estrella Galicia, served like a true beer expert