Rivera Shangai

Rivera Business Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company in China of Rivera Europe Trading Company S.L., a beverage distribution company with a clearly international vocation.

Its portfolio of products is present in more than 35 countries on five continents, and it has created specific business models in each location with the aim of adapting to the market as closely as possible.

This is the case of the companies in Shanghai (Rivera Shanghai) or Manila (Bares & Estrellas Food Services).

As a part of the Hijos de Rivera S.A. group founded over 100 years ago, Rivera Shanghai offers tailor-made solutions in any part of Asia.

Who We Are

Rivera Shangai Trading Company S.L. was created in 2010 as an international distribution project to respond to the complex, ever-changing demands of the Asian market, staying one step ahead of market trends and providing a personalized service.

Rivera Shangai is part of the Hijos de Rivera S.A. group, a company with more than 100 years’ experience in the beverage sector, which has grown extensively in recent years and operates in a wide range of business areas, from beer to cider production or mineral water bottling.

During its short trajectory, Rivera Shanghai has become directly involved in Asia, developing a business model that focuses on the specific needs of this market. Recognized brands such as Estrella Galicia or 1906 Reserva Especial beers, Cabreiroá mineral water, Maeloc ciders, La Tita sangria and sparkling wine, and Ponte da Boga wines are just some of the products that Rivera Shanghai offers in Asia.