Where does Estrella Galicia come from?

Where we brew Estrella Galicia

Originally, the Estrella Galicia brewery was located right outside the docks in A Coruña, producing ice to keep the local produce fresh and beer to refresh the fisherman after long hours at sea. Over 110 years later, Galicia is the only place in the world where we brew our beers.

Who we are

Estrella Galicia is a Spanish independently family-owned brewery founded by José María Rivera in 1906. His passion for beer led him to build a small brewery in A Coruña, located in the northwestern region of Galicia. Over 110 years later and through 5 generations of the Rivera family, this beautiful Spanish city on the Atlantic Ocean continues to be the only place in the world where we brew our beer: Estrella Galicia and 1906. Galician identity and attention to quality is integral to our beermaking process. We use untreated, natural water sourced from a protected natural reservoir, and grow our own hop crops to support production. We have our own yeast strain, and always create unique recipes to brew each beers with a specific wort, allowing them ferment and mature at cool temperatures for up to an entire month. We pride ourselves on making Spain’s “most loved lager,” delivering a complex, signature style that fulfill José María Rivera’s vision of offering beers that refresh and satisfy beer lovers everywhere. Find out more about our history on our website.

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