Estrella Galicia presents ‘Estrella del Camino’, a limited edition beer to commemorate the Xacobeo 2021-22 Holy Year

Estrella Galicia brewery has launched a new limited edition of its ‘Estrella del Camino’ beer to commemorate the Xacobeo 2021-22 Holy Year​. A recipe crafted from natural ingredients sourced from the various routes that form part of the Camino de Santiago (the Valencia Way, the Portuguese Way, the French Way and the English Way). The result is a Galician-style witbier created by the brewery to reflect the authentic essence of the Camino.  

 Estrella del Camino’ is a flavourful and refreshing limited edition beer crafted by the master brewers at Hijos de Rivera to commemorate the Holy Year in Santiago de Compostela, one of Galicia’s most international events that will be celebrated consecutively over the course of 2021 and 2022. A new beer with a pilgrim heart made from a recipe based on ingredients sourced from along the Camino, such as sweet Valencia Late variety oranges, coriander seeds from Portugal, barley from Castile, and naturally, wheat and the authentic essence of Galicia.    ​

Amber in tone with orangey hues and a persistent rich creamy white foam, Estrella del Camino’ beer is elegantly turbid when poured. The sweet orange zest, Mandarina Bavaria hops and coriander seeds make for a deliciously fragrant citrus and spicy bouquet that blends with the bakery aromas from the ale yeast and malts. The mix of malts also evokes roasted notes of dried fruit and nuts. The initial sweetness in the mouth, characterised by mild roasted notes, gives way to an acidity that makes for a pleasingly refreshing sensation, created by the wheat, orange, hops and coriander seeds. This medium-bodied beer is mild and creamy in the mouth thanks to the wheat and oat flakes.  ​

Starting July, 200,000 litres of this special edition recipe will be distributed while stocks last to food and beverage outlets and stores in Spain and abroad, as well as via the La Cervecería de la Resistencia e-commerce channel.

If you want to taste this delicious special edition Estrella Galicia beer, you can purchase following this link to A&A Wines!