Ibérico Ham & Spanish figs

The recipe is super simple and quick to prepare, ideal for Christmas drinks over the festive period or as a starter on Christmas Day. With this dish the ingredients are key: Monika recommends using Brindisa’s bellota ham from ibérico pigs that are fed on acorns, giving the ham a sweet and nutty aroma with an excellent balance between the savoury and nutty elements and a long, complex finish complemented by Spanish figs (or fresh black grapes). Best enjoyed with an ice-cold Estrella Galicia lager.


  1. Take your Ibérico ham slices out the of fridge and arrange on your serving plate.
  2. Leave the ham to come to room temperature so the fat becomes translucent and the ham has a slight shine. This should take about 20 minutes. (*)
  3. In the meantime, chop your figs or black grapes into bite sizes pieces.
  4. Once the ham is at room temperature you can either arrange the figs or grapes around the plate or you can wrap the ham around the fruit and secure with a toothpick.


Warm your serving plate in hot water, dry and arrange the ham on it.


For 30 years, Brindisa is the Home of Spanish Food in the UK. Our menu is created with the finest ingredients from all across Spain and it’s islands. Seasonal tapas and bar snacks sit alongside a line-up of artisanal plates from our devoted cured food counter offering you meats, cheeses, and fish, reminiscent of the markets stalls of Spain.

Preparation time: 15-20 mins


50g Brindisa Bellota 75% Ibérico Ham Slices
2 Spanish figs (or a handful of dried dates)


Estrella Galicia Lager

A traditional flavour with marked bitterness and a refreshing aftertaste.

Available from: Waitrose, Majestic, Co-op and Greene King online.